An environmentally friendly production process

The key element in Rago’s corporate philosophy is our great attention to eco-sustainability and sustainable agriculture. Rago Group’s challenge is that of an approach that is totally oriented to innovation and sustainability in farming.


Our aim is to make the whole production process more eco-friendly, not only through our commitment to sustainable farming but also through many continuous investments, both ongoing and planned for the future, having as their ultimate goal the efficient utilization of resources: water, land and solar energy.


A fair, healthy and eco-friendly production and handling process, meeting the principles of the Farm to Fork strategy.

Quality Assessment
is Rago Group’s stamp

All Rago Group products are controlled by a skilled team of agronomists and food technologists, allowing only guaranteed, certified and tracked food products to get on the shelves and on the tables.


In our packhouse, we have an innovative system for dewatering and cooling our products. Six optical sorters are used to detect foreign bodies. Throughout the handling and processing flow, vacuum cooling and blast chilling help keeping the products at constant temperature and maintaining the cold chain.

Innovation: just like the old times, up with the times

The backbone of the Rago Group Way is innovation. The whole production process is computer-assisted and it is now undergoing a complex Digital Transformation program that will involve the use of mobile systems, smartphones or tablets, and QR-CODE reading. We have also made, in recent years, important innovative achievements such as:

Construction of a green park to compensate CO2 emissions

Installation of an irrigation control and monitoring system, managed through a smart software adjusting and reducing humidity for plant disease prevention.

Installation of an innovative product dewatering and cooling system implemented by ou in-house engineers

Installation of six state-of-the-art optical sorters detecting foreign bodies in the product.

Installation of a rapid cooling tunnel guaranteeing the required temperature in each single package.

Installation of new production lines for the Fresh sector.

Rapid detection of pahthogenic bacteria in 6/8 hours with Israeli patent

Vertical farm