The strength of 130 years’ experience

Rago Group specializes in fresh and fresh-cut leafy vegetable production and began its activity, mainly as a copacker , in 1892. Since then, 5 subsequent generations have managed the company: an extraordinary story continuing thanks to a tradition of world-renowned quality.

Born as a local business, the Group has in fact virtually reached a global dimension. Today Rago products are exported all over Europe and in the Middle East.

Rago farms are the heart of Rago Group of farmers, together with other associated members producing territorial excellences from the Piana del Sele. Fresh-cut and Fresh Vegetables are the core of our production range, while eco-sustainability and an innovation-oriented approach are our strengths.
Each single product goes through a constantly monitored process aimed at guaranteeing strict quality standards and consisting of the following main steps: specifications-based quality control, acceptance, handling or processing, loading and shipping.


A Reliable, Solid, Sustainable, Expert and Innovative Copacker

We are active in a market that acknowledges and appreciates, since our beginnings, the fruits of our history: reliability, solidity, sustainability, expertise and innovation. Rago Group is a good giant with a green heart that helps its associates growing, while respecting Nature and our Planet.
If you are looking for a reliable copacker, Rago Group is your perfect partner thanks to its supply chain boasting

Many important names have already chosen Rago Group as their partner, including the big domestic and international players of the large retail chains in different countries.

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Mission & Vision

We live our present keeping our past in mind to draw out a wonderful future. For those who are here now. For those who will be here tomorrow.



Rago Group produces fresh and fresh-cut leafy vegetables with an innovation and sustainability-oriented approach. Sustainable agriculture is the key concept underlying all Rago Group’s activities. We achieve this aim every day thanks to cutting-edge facilities and farming methods, which are valuable tools to preserve the Planet’s precious resources.



Green is Rago Group’s favourite colour. The colour of nature, as well as the colour of hope for a future with humans taking better care of the Planet. For this reason, when cultivating our products, we also cultivate the aim of making the whole production process a sustainable one. To attain this, we have already made several investments and many others are foreseen with the purpose of drawing out a green future.