A land kissed by Nature and our farming method: the key factors of our success


Rago Group boasts a solid business because its roots run deep in the Piana del Sele since 1892. Thanks to the temperate microclimate of this special territory, located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Alburni mountains, it is possible to grow and harvest vegetables all year round.
Once the produce is harvested, it is delivered to our production unit where it goes through quality controls and technological processes.
This is when the identity card is created for all the products meeting Rago Group standards, before they are passed on to the next handling and production steps.
Pallets of our fresh and fresh-cut products exit the pack-house, ready for being shipped to our customers large retail-chain customers all over Europe.


Our Method

Each single Rago Group product being delivered to our customers has passed strict sorting and checking processes and guarantees high quality standards monitored by a team of agronomists and food technologists.
This along with major quality assurance procedures such as:
1. Reduction of bacterial load with ozone Water disinfection with bacteria removal by UV probes;
2. Sanitization system of the area as well as of the operators and machinery;
Automatic bacteria testing procedures thanks to the application of Israeli technology allowing rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes, salmonella, E. coli in 6/8 hours. This besides the standard controls carried out by our accredited in-house and external labs.

Process in 10 steps:

All Rago Group products are controlled by a skilled team of agronomists and food technologists, allowing only guaranteed, certified and tracked food products to get on the shelves and on the tables.

1. In-field analysis
2. Product reception and acceptance
3. Vacuum Cooling
4. Storage in the cold room with ozonation
5. Sorting, cutting, washing, rinsing
6. De Watering
7. Optical scanning
8. Packing
9. Blast chilling
10. Loading